Great Public Schools- Pittsburgh

Standing up for Public Education


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Strong public schools make strong communities. Excellent schools not only create opportunities for students from all backgrounds, but also keep our neighborhoods vibrant, retain young families, promote property values for homeowners, and serve as focal points for our communities. Read more:

But our public schools are under attack. They have been crippled by historic state budget cuts and subjected to a national corporate-reform movement that promotes “accountability” through high-stakes-testing, mass school closures, and the turnover of public schools to private operators. These “reforms” have actually harmed our schools, our teachers, and our students, disproportionately impacting our poorest children and communities of color. Read more:

Legislation and public policies that prioritize corporate interests over students or cut funding for our schools threaten the very strength and vibrancy of our neighborhoods. Therefore, it is our job as students, parents, teachers and community members to take action to stop this attack on public education and invest in the promise of great public schools. Read more:

Because we know that when public schools thrive, so do we.